Drifti Sportswear

It is not so easy to get access to buyers due to their present available suppliers but it is never bad idea to add new suppliers to find out the possibility to see the better quality and services like new samples or development of new marketing ideas along with services after sale services.

Someone may thinks there is no need to have one more supplier as they are satisfied with the present supplier but another manufacturer as back-up may also be a healthy business approach to meet any emergency situation if present available suppliers are not matching with merchandise demand, quality and satisfaction due to whatever the factors are involved.

Drifti Sportswear is a knitted and woven garment stitching unit having specialty from basic to value added garments range including Sweats, Polos and T-shirts, Functional Jackets, Work Wears, Trousers, Uniform, Aprons with a wide range of application of embellishments such as embroidery, patch-work, printing etc.

We offer you following services.

  1.  To develop a new range of garments, it is important to have first of all those samples in hands to see if these are okay future business product lines.
  2.  Oeko tex 100 certified products are supplied.
  3.  To execute any order, we make Proto sample or Pre-Production samples to get approval before we start bulk production. Pre shipment samples also being sent to our customers.
  4. Minimum quantities may be 200 pieces to 400 pieces for different items.